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Houseboating is a very popular recreational activity for groups of people of all ages aboard houseboats of all varieties ranging from more modest 30-40 foot boats to 70-foot (21 m)-plus luxury houseboat models. Houseboating is an appealing and rewarding outdoor experience for many reasons.

A benefit of a smaller houseboat is its ability to navigate lakes with much more agility, leading to more secluded areas. With a more luxury houseboat model, you can expect amenities equal to a very posh hotel such as hot tubs, big-screen TVs, fireplaces, DVD players, and deluxe accommodations in private staterooms.

Modern narrowboats are used for annual holidays, weekend breaks or as permanent residences. Usually, they have steel hulls and a steel superstructure. They are usually powered by modern diesel engines, and are fitted inside to a high standard. There will be at least 6 feet internal headroom, and similar domestic facilities as a small landward home: central heating, flush toilets, shower or even bath, four-ring hobs, oven, grill, microwave oven, and refrigerator; quite a few also have satellite television, internet-connection using a mobile phone. Externally, their resemblance to traditional boats can vary from a faithful imitation (false "rivets", and copies of traditional paintwork) through "interpretation" (clean lines and simplified paintwork) through to a free-style approach which does not try to pretend in any way that this is a traditional boat.

England and France have many canals that are plied by narrowboats.

Yacht vacations and accommodations come in different combinations. It is possible to have a berth on a working yacht, to hire a yacht complete with crew or to bareboat. Bareboat refers to piloting the vessel yourself. You will be required to provide proof that you have the skills to pilot a yacht yourself.

Yacht lengths generally start at 36–40 feet (11–12 m) and go up to hundreds of feet. A mega yacht generally refers to any yacht (sail or power) above 100' or 34 m and a super yacht generally refers to any yacht over 200' or 70 m.

A cabin cruiser is a type of power boat that provides accommodation for its crew and passengers inside the structure of the craft.

A cabin cruiser usually ranges in size from 25 to 45 feet in length. These craft are generally equipped with a head (toilet), a galley, and at least one berth. Most cabin cruisers usually have a small dining area and an aft cabin (bed in the rear of the cabin). Some cabin cruisers are equipped with heating, air conditioning, and power generators. Most also have water heaters and shore power electric systems.

Most newer cabin cruisers are faster than older models because of improved aerodynamic and hydrodynamic designs. Cabin cruisers are generally able to handle the water well because of their size and give a stable ride. They are generally spacious in the cockpit (open seating area towards the aft).

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