Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to anticipate the questions you may have about IndeXinn for our Frequently Asked Questions list but if we have missed anything please contact us and ask.

You can send us an email by using our contact form or, if any of our customer service operators are on duty, use the Skype button on the right to talk to us.

Do you recommend any of your listings?

No, we are a directory service only - we do not rate any of the properties. Many of our listings have been reviewed by our members. If the property you are interested in has been reviewed a button next to the listing will allow you to read them.

I already advertise on another directory - why should I list with IndeXinn?

If you look in your newspapers or on television you will see the same products advertised in different papers or on different channels. By all means go ahead and advertise in different online directories but remember IndeXinn has the most listings and is the first place people look for their vacation destination.

If you are not listed and someone comes to IndeXinn and finds suitable accommodation you have not even had the chance to compete for their business.

For much less than the cost of a single nights rental this is surely one of the easiest advertising decisions you will ever make.

How many listings do you have?

The number of properties in our database is constantly increasing. We have a data entry department that searches the internet, travel publications and government tourist listings to find every possible place to stay. Accommodation owners from around the world enter their own properties as well. This combined process adds thousands of listings every week.

If I get a free listing why should I pay to upgrade?

If you operate in a small market the free listing may be all you need to drive extra traffic your way. However, the free listings are sorted to the bottom of any search results list so your competitors will appear to the site visitor first.

Also the tendency of visitors is to narrow their choices from the listings and then further investigate their choices, so the more information you can present initially the better.

Why gamble, you only need to obtain one extra nights rental to pay for your IndeXinn listing for several years.

Be sure to review all of our listing levels and their features here

I have my own website - why do I need you?

It's great that you have your own domain. You have probably spent a great deal of time and/or money making it just perfect. Unfortunately there are millions of other websites competing for the eyeballs of the traveling public.

An IndeXinn visitor can perform a variety of searches to narrow down their choices to a short list of possible destinations. This is where we help by sending pre-qualified visitors to your site.

By listing with IndeXinn you will get visitors to your website that you would not have received any other way.

What if I have several properties I want to list?

Each property can have a free listing. There is, also, no limit to the number of paid listings you may have. If you want all of your listings to have the best sort order, it's wise the pick the listing level that gives you the best exposure in your area. See our listing level sort order for how all listings are sorted.

What if I want my property listed under multiple categories?

If you'd like to be listed under more than one category - such as Bed and Breakfast AND Spa - you can have a free listing under one category and a paid listing under another. You can also have as many paid listings as you like under whatever categories you choose. Your account manager will be happy to help you set up your property under additional categories.

What if I change my email address frequently to reduce spam?

I don't want to have to remember a lot of different places to change it.

You can always assigned an email address just for IndeXinn (eg. As it is never exposed to spammers on our site you won't ever have to worry about changing it.

Important note: if you chose to do it this way, make sure to log into your IndeXinn account and change you email address to reflect this choice.

How do I change the thumbnail slideshow picture?

When a user clicks on any thumbnail picture in the search result listings it starts a slide show of all the thumbnails on the current page. When you upload your thumbnail picture we store two versions, a small version scaled to fit the 160 x 120 pixel (80 x 60 pixel for Basic and Plus) and the original version you upload. If you want to change your thumbnail picture just log in to your account and upload a new one which will replace what is currently there.

We recommend you scale the picture you plan to upload to 72 dpi and no more than about 450 pixels wide. You also need to keep the total size of the file below 200k and in jpeg format.

If all this sounds too technical there are a couple of free image editing programs you can use which make the job very simple. For the Mac try RapidoResizer or if you use a PC you need PIXresizer.

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