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North Dakota is located in the Midwestern and Western regions of the United States. The 19th largest state by area in the U.S., it is the 48th most populous, with just over 640,000 residents as of 2006. North Dakota was carved out of the northern half of the Dakota Territory and admitted to the Union as the 39th state on November 2, 1889.

The Missouri River flows through the western part of the state and forms Lake Sakakawea behind the Garrison Dam. The western half of the state is hilly and contains lignite coal and oil. In the east, the Red River forms the Red River Valley, holding fertile farmland. Agriculture has long dominated the economy and culture of North Dakota.

The state capital is Bismarck and the largest city in the state is Fargo. The primary public universities are located in Grand Forks and Fargo. The United States Air Force operates bases at both Minot and Grand Forks.

North Dakota endures temperature extremes characteristic of its continental climate; with cold winters and hot summers, the record low and high temperatures are −60 °F (−51.1 °C) and 121 °F (49 °C) respectively. Meteorological events include rain, snow, hail, blizzards, polar fronts, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and high-velocity straight-line winds. Depending on location, average annual precipitation ranges from 14 in (35.6 cm) to 22 in (55.9 cm).

Springtime flooding is a relatively common event in the Red River Valley, due to the river flowing north into Canada. The spring melt and the eventual runoff typically begins earlier in the southern part of the valley than in the northern part.

North Dakota's major fine art museums and venues include the Chester Fritz Auditorium, Empire Arts Center, the Fargo Theatre, North Dakota Museum of Art, and the Plains Art Museum. The Bismarck-Mandan Symphony Orchestra, Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra, Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra and Minot Symphony Orchestra are full-time professional musical ensembles that perform concerts and offer educational programs to the community.

North Dakotan musicians of many genres include blues guitarist Jonny Lang, country music singer Lynn Anderson, jazz and traditional pop singer and songwriter Peggy Lee, big band leader Lawrence Welk, and pop singer Bobby Vee.

North Dakota cuisine includes Knoephla soup: a thick, stew-like chicken soup with dumplings, lutefisk: lye-treated fish, Kuchen: a pie-like pastry, lefse: a flat bread made from mashed potatoes that is eaten with butter and sugar, Fleischkuekle, a deep fried entree of ground beef covered in dough, deep fried, and served with chips and a pickle in most restaurants; strudel: a dough-and-filling item that can either be made as a pastry, or a savory dish with onions or meat; and other traditional German and Norwegian dishes.

Along with having the most churches per capita of any state, North Dakota has the highest percentage of church-going population of any state.

Native American traditions are practiced by the Native American population of North Dakota, especially on Indian reservations. Pow-wows and traditional Native American dancing are found across the state.

Outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing are hobbies for many North Dakotans. Ice fishing and snowmobiling are also popular during the winter months. Popular sport fish include walleye, perch, and northern pike.

Major events in North Dakota include:
- Big Iron Farm Show - West Fargo
- Fargo Film Festival - Fargo
- Grand Cities Art Fest - Grand Forks
- Norsk Høstfest - Minot
- North Dakota State Fair - Minot
- North Dakota Winter Show - Valley City

Museums in North Dakota include:
- Bonanzaville, USA - West Fargo
- Dakota Dinosaur Museum - Dickinson
- Dakota Territory Air Museum - Minot
- Fargo Air Museum - Fargo
- Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center - Williston
- North Dakota Heritage Center - Bismarck
- North Dakota Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center - Washburn
- North Dakota Museum of Art - Grand Forks
- Pembina State Museum - Pembina
- Plains Art Museum - Fargo
- The Roger Maris Museum - Fargo

Golf courses in North Dakota include:
- Apple Creek Country Club - Bismarck
- Apple Grove Golf Course - Minot
- Bois de Sioux Golf Course - Wahpeton
- Bully Pulpit Golf Course - Medora
- Devils Lake Country Club - Devils Lake
- Hawktree Golf Club - Bismarck
- King's Walk Golf Course - Grand Forks
- Links of North Dakota at Red Mike Resort - Williston
- Riverwood Golf Course - Bismarck
- Tom O'Leary Golf Course - Bismarck

Casinos in North Dakota include:
- 4 Bears Casino - near New Town
- Dakota Magic Casino - near Hankinson
- Prairie Knights Casino - near Fort Yates
- Sky Dancer Casino - near Belcourt
- Spirit Lake Casino - near Devils Lake

Other attractions in North Dakota include:
- Enchanted Highway - Regent
- International Peace Garden - near Dunseith
- Lawrence Welk Homestead - Strasburg
- Medora Musical - Medora
- North Dakota Horse Park - Fargo
- Theodore Roosevelt National Park - near Watford City

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Photos courtesy of North Dakota Tourism Division

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