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Photos courtesy of Georgia Department of Economic Development

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Georgia is one of America’s oldest and most interesting states. With a history as rich and varied as its people and geography, you are never far from discovering something exciting and new. 

Enjoy a temperate climate that varies from the foothills of the Appalachians to the beaches of the barrier islands. With the highest summer temperatures averaging below 88 degrees and the lowest winter temperatures averaging well above freezing at around 50 degrees, Georgia’s moderate climate offers excellent livability year-round. 

Travel from ancient mountains to rolling rivers, charming towns to bustling cities, and discover all Georgia has for you. Take in the breathtaking scenery and charming culture of the Georgia Mountains. It’s the pure lakes, roaring rivers, stunning mountain vistas, music and friendly people.

Explore the skyline of Atlanta – from the towering skyscrapers of downtown to the charming neighborhoods nestled throughout the city limits. You can make it happen in this metropolitan city. Stroll Atlanta’s tree-shaded streets and friendly communities while soaking up the urban culture. In this global crossroads, you’ll find a dynamic cultural mix, where innovations and traditions continually blend.

An area rich in cultural heritage, the Historic South is the heart and soul of Georgia. Experience the music, literature and history that flourish in this state while catching one of the entertaining festivals held throughout the year.

Get lost in relaxation along the Georgia Coast. Explore the majestic scenery and thriving wildlife of the windswept beaches, tidal marshlands and swamps that cover the region. Historic districts overflow with charm, and fresh seafood is always on the menu – it’s a perfect spot for the entire family.

Covering the southwest of Georgia, Southern Rivers is a region where outdoor adventure beckons and southern hospitality blooms. Visit the land of rivers, peanuts and presidents, where festivals celebrate simplicity and offer a ready slice of pecan pie.
Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, Georgia is the getaway you’ve been looking for. Georgia and its people are ready to welcome you home and make your visit unforgettable.

Travel across the state and discover Georgia’s abundant scenic beauty that’s as rich as its famous red clay. Explore the coastal plains, salt marshes and barrier islands of the east, the pine-forested, fertile fields of the Piedmont or the foothills and rugged mountains of the north, and find what makes Georgia such a geographical center.

To the north, you’ll find mountains that are linked to the Cumberland range with those in the Northeast belonging to the Blue Ridge. Although lush with vegetation throughout the year, an autumn visit to North Georgia is a must. Witness the fall colors along the beginning of the Appalachian Trail, 2,175 miles of scenic beauty that stretches from Georgia to Maine.

Hit any of Georgia’s trails for biking, hiking, running or riding. From the mountaintops to the waterways, your potential for outdoor fun is limitless. Georgia gives you the opportunity to choose your own adventure with thousands of miles of off-road trails, roaring rivers, paved pathways and scenic country roads to choose from – and distances and difficulty ratings for every experience level.

From daytime to nighttime, there’s no shortage of fine dining, theatrical plays, concerts, hot clubs or any number of cultural events. Georgia’s many art museums and concert halls will move you with the sites and sounds of world famous artists and local legends known worldwide.

Photos and wording courtesy of Georgia Department of Economic Development

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