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Photos courtesy of Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism

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The Constitution State

Connecticut is located in the New England region of the northwestern United States of America. Called the "Constitution State," Connecticut has a long history dating from the early colonial times, and was influential in the development of early American government.

The Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Stamford features four main galleries, a toddlers-only gallery and more than 100 interactive activities for kids ages 10 and under. 

In Niantic, the Children’s Museum engages and educates children though grade 5 on arts, sciences, safety and health and culture and history. Museum adventures include piloting a fishing boat, visiting the Global Village, a celebration of diverse cultures, creating new structures in the construction exhibit and meeting the resident animals.

With more theaters per 1,000 people than any other state in the country, Connecticut is a prime destination for avid theater-goers, especially those anxious to see shows before they arrive on Broadway. Professional theaters throughout the state have a long history of world and U.S. premieres that have become drama phenomena on Broadway and in theaters throughout the country.

Whether you crave the adrenaline rush you get whizzing down a ski slope, or you simply want to try a new winter sport with loved ones, look no further than Connecticut, where ski areas roll out the white carpet for kids and adults of all skill levels with learn-to-ski programs and package deals. For snow bunnies who want to try a variety of winter sports, Woodbury Ski Area offers skiing, a snowboard park, cross-country ski trails, snow tubing and sledding and snow-biking, one of the newest winter sports. Woodbury Ski Area was the first ski area east of the Mississippi River – and is still the only one in Connecticut – to offer them. It’s also the largest snow tubing park in New England, with eight tubing trails. 

Connecticut offers an array of R&R treatments to meet all needs. If you prefer retail therapy, stroll down a classic Main Street setting and explore shops. To escape it all for a day or two, head to one of many luxurious spas. And to blow off some steam, live it up at the casinos, where gaming, great food, entertainment and sports converge to create an unforgettable experience.

You don’t need to be Lady Luck or a high roller to enjoy Connecticut’s casinos. With live entertainment, fine dining, bars and nightclubs, sports, spas and shopping – all in an environment that feels like another world – they provide the ultimate escape for rest, relaxation and fun.

Immerse yourself in history while remaining warm and content this winter or summer. With fluffy beds, crackling fireplaces, Jacuzzis, warming beverages and big country meals, historic inns and B&Bs around the state are the perfect setting while learning about Connecticut’s history. Hotels, cabins and lodges are also a wonderful place to stay while visiting Connecticut. Each type of accommodation offers a unique flavor.

Photos and wording courtesy of Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism

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