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The Centennial State™

The State of Colorado is located in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States of America. The state's largest city, and capital, is Denver.

The climate of Colorado is best described as being cool and dry compared to the rest of the United States. While that is generally true throughout most of the state, the climate of Colorado is very complex. The typical south-north/cooler-warmer variation in other states is generally not applicable at all in Colorado. The location of mountain ranges and surrounding valleys affect local climate greatly. As a general rule, with an increase in elevation come a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation. A main climatic division in Colorado occurs where the Rocky Mountains begin with the Front Range cities and the plains to the east, the mountains and valleys to the west, and the foothills as a transitional zone in between the two.

Breathtaking scenery and world-class skiing make Colorado a prime tourist destination. The main tourist attractions in the state include Rocky Mountain National Park, Curecanti National Recreation Area, Mesa Verde National Park, the Great Sand Dunes and Dinosaur National Monuments, Colorado National Monument, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument.

In Colorado you can spelunk into the depths of the Rockies, climb craggy peaks to their pinnacles or indulge your rock-hound instincts by learning about the state’s unique geology. 

Scenic drives abound in this state. Motor through sweeping prairies where the horizon bends to the grandeur of an azure sky. Or cruise over high-mountain passes, where bighorn sheep peer down at you from rocky ledges and golden aspens leaves undulate in slight breezes. Hit the open road and follow it to where you want to go. 

Colorado’s heritage includes the glitter of the gold rush, ancient American Indian dwellings and ghost towns bearing the memories of the Old West's most notorious and colorful characters.

Travel as deep into nature as your feet can carry you. Stand under the shadow of mountain peaks, ford a gentle stream and hike away from the distractions of the world.

The bugle of a bull elk can be heard through many of Colorado’s forested areas, pronghorn run nimbly through open prairie, and hunters in Colorado track and bag these trophy-worthy animals. Large mammals aren’t the only game in the state, birds and other game are also abundant.

Throughout many parts of Colorado choice grapes cling to carefully tended vines. The state’s vintners are proud to show off their award-winning bouquets of flavor and engage you in a conversation about their delicate creations. Many consider Colorado the beer capitol of the nation. Domestic favorites, Coors and Budweiser, are brewed right here in the Rockies. Hundreds of microbreweries also dot the state with their truly inspired fermentations.

Pro sports teams in the Centennial State read like a list of every professional sport ever to touch American soil. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, arena football, lacrosse and rodeo are all represented professionally in Colorado. 

Sure, there’s a whole world of Colorado outside of your room, but accommodations here are destinations in themselves. From historic lodges to ritzy hotels and quaint bed and breakfasts, Colorado’s accommodation options will show you a good night’s rest while giving you a number of onsite attractions and amenities. 

Photos and some wording courtesy of Colorado Tourism Office

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