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For larger than life adventures, the Yukon is the ideal location. Cruise through picturesque Northern forests on one of many renowned mountain bike trails, or ride the rapids of some of the most exhilarating rivers in the world. If you like your adventures a little calmer, hike to the secluded alpine meadows of the backcountry or paddle through the emerald waters of glacial lakes. Take in the dazzling Northern Lights or reel in a prized Sockeye salmon; there are countless adventures to be had in the Yukon.

The Yukon represents 4.8% of Canada's total land area. Of the ten provinces and three territories, the Yukon is the ninth largest with only the four Atlantic provinces being smaller. Mount Logan in the St. Elias Mountains in Yukon's Kluane Park is the highest point in Canada, with an elevation of 5,959 meters above sea level. 

Temperatures in the Yukon are usually more extreme than those experienced in the southern provinces of Canada.

Picture yourself in a place where no human sound touches your ears, where there's unspoiled wilderness farther than the eyes can see, where for miles the only neighbors you'll find sport fur or feathers. More than 80 percent of the Yukon is wilderness, compared to a North American average of 40 percent.
Ancient landforms, proud First Nations heritage, and dreams of Klondike gold leave visitors with that just-like-yesterday sense of time and place.
A spellbinding backdrop for a family holiday, a conference, or a personal journey, Yukon's communities offer beautiful surroundings. A land with deep cultural and historic roots, the Yukon is also a sophisticated destination. After all, where else can you dine on divine European cuisine in a wilderness lodge today… and feast on a freshly caught Arctic grayling during a lakeshore lunch tomorrow!
The Yukon experience is also one of the heart, where one finds solitude and nourishment in a magnificent network of parks, atop dramatic ranges of mountains and on an extensive system of lakes and rivers.
The fun isn’t limited to just the summer months. Spend a day gliding through the awe-inspiring winter landscape on the back of a dog-sled, or experience the high-speed thrills of a snowmobile tour.

Wintertime visitors to the Yukon are often treated to the magical sight of the undulating ribbons in the night sky – the aurora borealis. Swaying streamers of pale green, pink and blue light arch and dance, fade in and out, and – according to some – even make a crackling noise. Northern lights have inspired many myths and legends.
Whether nature is your playground or your passion, or both, the Yukon’s outdoor excursions have the excitement and serenity to please all tastes.

The Yukon is one of the most beautiful and exciting locations in the world. Whether you want to shoot the rapids on a whitewater raft, journey through the incredible Yukon landscape in your RV or relax in a quaint bed and breakfast, the Yukon is sure to give you a larger than life experience.

When visiting the Yukon, one thing you’ll hear again and again is how friendly and welcoming Yukoners are. This is exceptionally true when it comes to Yukon accommodations.

Whether you’re motoring in the comfort of your RV or tenting under the stars, the Yukon has a variety of clean and comfortable campgrounds located conveniently in the midst of spectacular mountain scenery.
The Yukon Government's clean, scenic campgrounds offer large accessible RV stalls, tenting areas, picnic tables, playgrounds, fresh water, campfire pits, firewood and outhouses – and most feature access to fishing areas and walking trails.
These campgrounds use a self-registration permit system. Permits are available at Visitor Reception Centers, Territorial Agents, Environment Yukon offices, or at over 100 participating retail outlets. Remember, camping is permitted in designated areas only!
At your motel or hotel, you’ll experience the unique flavor of the Yukon, while enjoying all the conveniences of modern luxuries. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, the hostels and bed & breakfasts are sure to offer the privacy and authenticity you desire. Discover the best views and local hideaways by chatting with the friendly hosts of these quaint lodgings. Most accommodations are located centrally within each community providing easy access to dining and shopping. Or you can ice fish at a four-star lodge. Mush a dog sled team. Enjoy dream-come-true cross country skiing. Relax by a fireplace in a secluded log cabin. Or catch the nightlife in Dawson City. 

History and culture come alive in Yukon museums, cultural and interpretive centers, and in festivals and events held throughout the year.  Nearly every Yukon community has a story to tell for every interest.  From the traditions of Yukon First Nations to the history of mining and to the wildlife that inhabits our land, Yukon heritage abounds.  Art lovers will find original paintings, gold nugget jewelry, sculptures, First Nation carvings, woven baskets and beadwork at galleries throughout the Yukon.

With a rich history and distinct culture, the Yukon has a wide variety of attractions and activities. Experience the traditions of the Yukon’s 14 distinct First Nations groups in the many interpretive centers and tours. Follow in the footsteps of the gold rush and take in the mystery of this spectacular landscape while visiting the Yukon’s many heritage sites and national parks.

In Yukon, there are eight different language groups. Seven language groups are Athabaskan and the other group is Tlingit.
Appreciate the talents of the Yukon’s many artists and musicians, or refine your own skills at the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture, Yukon College, or Berton House Writers’ Retreat.
Wherever your interests lie, one thing is for sure, the Yukon has something for everyone.

Wording and photos courtesy of Department of Tourism & Culture Government of Yukon

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