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Quebec is truly a unique land in North America. Unique for its geography, its history and its culture, which together have forged its bold and exuberant identity. Simply put, Quebec is warmth, absolute authenticity and intensity, all within easy reach!

Quebec takes up the northeastern portion of the North American continent. It is divided into 17 administrative regions, which cover a vast territory of some 1,667,441 square kilometers (201,753 square kilometers of freshwater).

Quebec is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the south by the United States and New Brunswick, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and to the west by James Bay, Hudson Bay and Ontario.
There are four distinct seasons: a mild spring, a generally hot summer, a colorful fall, which is sometimes chilly, and a winter that is white and cold. Seasonal temperatures and vegetation vary depending on the latitude - contributing to the beauty and diversity that is Quebec.

Quebec's more than 7 million inhabitants make up a mainly French-speaking society. Many of the roughly 6 million French-speakers are descended from colonists who came from France in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, Quebecers are meeting the challenge of living in French and maintaining a French-speaking society in North America, which is home to 300 million English-speakers.

Quebec's culture is the very symbol of its identity, joining its French roots together with the Amerindian heritage, while being influenced by its proximity to the United States and by the multi-ethnic population that shapes its demographic profile.
Historic, yet resolutely modern, vibrant, festive and confident, the cities of Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau display a contrasting facet of urban Quebec with their rich architectural heritage, dynamic cultural melting pot and splendid surroundings that respect nature.

Quebec is known as an international tourist destination. Visitors, arriving from all over the world to discover Quebec's rich heritage and history, are charmed by Quebec's bustling urban centers and enchanted by the vast, wild territories teeming with natural wonders.

In the province, 21 different regions offer a wide variety of activities. The many workers in the industry have learned to make the most of Mother Nature, offering numerous activities which change with the seasons, making Quebec a year-round tourist destination. The arts, museums, casinos, churches and heritage sites, parks and natural reserves, not to mention gardens of all kinds, await eager visitors. Quebec's reputation for excellent gastronomy is legendary. A wealth of local farm produce, the abundance of seafood and other specialized food products all contribute to the culinary delights prepared by Quebec's famous chefs. Finally, the more than 400 special events held yearly all over Quebec make it a joyous place of festivity.

Quebec has invented its own art of vacationing by combining comfort, relaxation and a personalized welcome in exceptional natural sites. Savour life in harmony with nature amidst lakes, glens and forests, and add outdoor pleasures and culinary delights to the mix.

Strings of lakes, streams as large as rivers, a river that’s like a sea… There’s no doubt that Quebec is a living dream for those who love gliding over the water in a canoe or kayak. With a choice of countless itineraries at every possible level of difficulty, excursions can easily last for days. Many of the province’s rivers are also ideal for rafting, with their raging rapids and tumultuous gorges.

If you’d rather stay on terra firma, set off with your backpack and hike to your heart’s content through the immense forests of the Laurentides or the Gaspé Peninsula. In winter, ski at your own pace beneath pine trees sagging under fresh snow in the perfect silence of the boreal forest; or crack the whip and give your sled dogs free rein, just like in the grand old days of the coureurs de bois, the woodsmen who were among Quebec's first settlers.

Since the days of the fur traders, Quebec has been pushing the boundaries of adventure. In this vast territory, bears, deer and caribou are often the only inhabitants. Explore the province’s length and breadth by canoe, snowmobile or seaplane, with nature as your travel companion.

Quebec boasts a comprehensive and varied range of accommodation formats. Anything from B&Bs to fancy hotels. Also quebec has 800 campgrounds. In all cases, the utmost attention is paid to comfort and hospitality. All establishments are classified according to strict criteria so as to guarantee visitors quality services and to help them choose their accommodations.

Get to know Quebecers—genuine, down-to-earth people with hearts as big as the land’s wide, open spaces!

Some wording courtesy of Bonjour Quebec
Photos courtesy of Bonjour Quebec

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