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Prince Edward Island, located off the eastern coast of Canada, is the smallest of the Canadian provinces both in size and population. While it is densely populated, it is not overcrowded. The Province is also called 'PEI', or simply 'The Island'. The capital city is Charlottetown.

They say that to be a 'true blue' Prince Edward Islander you must be born here. Otherwise, you're 'from away'. Despite this divine right to citizenship, Islanders adopt all who come to stay and its 1.2 million annual visitors. They come to the Island to enjoy its pastoral scenery, white sandy beaches and relaxing pace.

The 'Island way of life' is an often quoted and much discussed idea in Canada's small green province in the Gulf. For both Islanders and those 'from away' the quality of life on this Island is the best. It is an ideal place to raise a family, to operate a business or to rejuvenate the mind. The way of Islanders and their lives are clearly expressed in its arts, culture and heritage. You will find crafts, theaters, and festivals that celebrate life here on the Island.

During your visit plan to enjoy delicious lobster suppers, stroll uncrowded beaches, play golf on more than a dozen courses and visit the places described in the story, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. PEI has something to offer everyone.

As a small island province, Prince Edward Island depends on the land and the sea as the basis for its three primary industries – farming, tourism and the fishery. The Island has a turbulent history when it comes to land ownership and from the moment property rights were seized from absentee landowners, Islanders have taken seriously issues surrounding land use and stewardship. All three industries are interdependent, and all contingent on a healthy environment where crops flourish, shellfish thrive and visitors reap the scenic benefits. The residents of PEI are aware that all this hangs in a delicate balance, and the provincial government and the community are taking measures to protect what they believe to be a special and magical place. 

The green and gentle landscape of Prince Edward Island is so inviting that visitors find themselves spending plenty of vacation time in the great outdoors. The island offers sandy beaches, warm ocean water, lively fun parks and an overall casual atmosphere.

Picnics on the beach, cycling excursions or just an afternoon lounging with a book under a tree are just some other possible ingredients of an Island fresh-air adventure. 

For touring enthusiasts, just get on your bike and start pedaling. The rolling hills, lush farmlands and postcard coastlines that keep our visitors coming back for more will reveal to you a whole new appreciation for your two-wheeling hobby.

Gain a whole new appreciation for fresh seafood after taking part in a deep-sea fishing excursion, cast your line into the deep blue waters off the coast of Prince Edward Island and catch your own fish. Whether you've set your sites on a fresh feed of mackerel, you'd like to do battle with a giant bluefin tuna, or you are lured by the mystery of shark fishing, boat captains around the province are anxious to share in your adventure on the high seas. And remember, PEI is also home to Malpeque Oysters, Cultured Blue Mussels and world-famous PEI potatoes. 

No matter what your taste Prince Edward Island has a variety of places to stay. B&Bs, cottages, inns, hotels and motels. Any place will leave you with an everlasting impression and fill you with wonderful memories!

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