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Canadians enjoy many advantages - a high standard of living, access to good health care and education, and a beautiful environment. People from many different ethnic backgrounds live in harmony.

Canada occupies the northern half of the North American continent. It is the second-largest country in the world after Russia. Canada encompasses six time zones and has two official languages - English and French.

American visitors crossing the border, either way, may be asked to verify their citizenship with such documents as a passport, or birth or baptismal certificate. Naturalized U.S. citizens should carry a naturalization certificate. Permanent U.S. residents who are not U.S. citizens are advised to bring their “green card”. For citizens of certain countries Canada requires a visitors visa to be obtained from their nearest Canadian Consulate before entry into Canada. Travelers should check to see if this is required prior to their trip.

Visitors are strongly urged to obtain medical travel insurance before coming to Canada. Make sure your health insurance will cover your costs outside of your home country, or purchase medical travel insurance from a travel agent. If you are taking medicine prescribed by a doctor, bring an adequate supply and a copy of the prescription in case it needs to be renewed by a doctor in Canada.

Most major credit cards are welcome in Canada. Debit cards are also widely accepted at many establishments. It is recommended that visitors use Canadian funds. It is best to exchange your money at financial institutions such as s banks, trust companies and currency exchanges. Currency exchange offices can be found at most airports and at some provincial travel information centers. Other businesses such as hotels and stores will exchange your currency but the rate is not generally as good as a financial institute.

The climate ranges from humid continental in the south to subarctic in the north. As a general guide, 20C is room temperature, 30C is a hot day and -20C is a cold winter day.   Due to Canada’s vast size, temperatures vary tremendously from region to region and even within the different regions. Generally, the lowest temperatures are recorded in January and the highest in July.

If you are looking for and amazing travel adventure you can experience camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, whale watching, whitewater rafting, viewing the Northern Lights, snowmobiling, skiing or just plain finding a place with total peace and serenity.

Everywhere you travel in Canada you can find a wide range of places to stay - discount hotels, exclusive boutique hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts, resorts, spas and more. A wide range of establishments are available to meet your needs whether you’re looking for a luxurious city hotel or want to wake up to the sound of waves lapping the shores of a fly-in fishing camp - Canada offers world-class hospitality and each province and territory has its own special allure.

Experience the incredible natural and man-made wonders across the country. You can visit parks, galleries, theatre, hunting and fishing lodges, retreats, aboriginal events, sports events including hockey, soccer, basketball, casinos, wild and wonderful safaris, water parks, ghost towns and more. From visiting Anne of Green Gables in Prince Edward Island, the Moose Jaw Tunnels in Saskatchewan, the tallest building in the country in Toronto, beautiful clean provincial parks to theaters and theme parks.

You can’t travel through Canada without noticing the abundance of clean and inviting parks and camping locations. Camping is part of Canada’s culture and allows you to explore the wilderness, enjoy warm beaches, hot springs, or hike a variety of terrains.

By traveling in Canada you’ll have the opportunity to experience festivals, sporting events, international film festivals, jazz festivals, theatre, fishing competitions, gallery events, cowboy rodeos, winter carnivals, fall fairs and more, not to mention many locations for the avid angler and the avid golfer!

When traveling in Canada you will find the most diverse array of restaurants and other eating establishments. From fine dining restaurants, bistro style restaurants, cafes, steakhouse restaurants, to fast food restaurants.

Shopping is definitely a must when you travel to Canada. In large urban centers you can shop at malls, art museums, upscale designer shops, quaint boutiques, shopping tours, experience the Aboriginal culture with a unique piece of Aboriginal art, or quaint English style lanes.

Canada offers a full range of transportation services including air, car rental, RV rental, train, bus, and more. Travel information including driving directions, maps and general travel information are available at travel information centers across the country.

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